Yoga mobile app enabled with English language instructions.

The Challenge

A mobile application that acts as two sides of the same coin is what we may say of AEIOU. The application had to cater to both ends of the age spectrum i.e., adult and kids. Designs that suit the millennials are always tricky as it protracts through varied inputs such as social media, art and movies. The choice of hardware screens added to the challenges.

Our Approach

Demand for fresh aesthetics, custom illustration wrapped in a user -friendly mobile application was taken up as an invigorating challenge by our team. Having personalised illustrations should boost the application appeal among younger crowd while user-friendliness shall satisfy the adults.

The Result

The yoga mobile application enabled with English language instructions targeting the young and budding fitness gurus was delivered in a refreshing design with nothing but elegance of simplicity and clean lines as we had to satisfy a varied user base. Our proficiency in modern mobile application designing can do wonders to your portfolio.