Malaysia based app offer you a gigantic list of cars and help to find trusted sellers.

The Challenge

Varied user-groups are always UI dilemma. Acquaintance with generic and traditional websites may not help a user navigate smoothly in a contemporary template. There is need for self-explanatory icons to help a larger use-case and user-types.

Our Approach

Searching capabilities that may be hounded by a profoundly large network will be delivered in an aesthetic platter of efficiency and user friendliness; that’s how our team work with our valued customers. Our firm’s expertise to gauge user aspirations was put to work with ingredients of large background images, friendly navigation guided by themed icons only to be streamlined with minimalistic design.
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The Result

Our efforts resulted in a pragmatic website where users can search, explore deals and get to know cars with a simple click of a mouse and satisfying smile of simplicity. We did render a modern design to win user acceptance of the website parallel to contemporary styling.