Leading cars portal network in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The Challenge

iCarAsia being a user driven product website had challenges to be met such as a wide market exposure and attractive facades. This again brings the requirement of having a simple User Interactivity as there can be a large bandwidth of users of varying online experience visiting the website.

Our Approach

The intention is to have a bespoke paradigm in design that will interest a variety of user-groups. Our team was successful in identifying an approach that defined characteristics such as accurate fonts, aptly stylised icons, profound background images and a mobile friendly design so as to meet the client expectations.

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The Result

Asia’s prominent pre-owned car selling and buying platform serving 8 million users every month was extremely happy with the end results because a huge user base easily adapted to our minimalistic and user-friendly design. Mobile users from varied ages were equally happy with touch-friendly icons and design language helping them to navigate and reach areas of interest with ease.